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Courses / Workshops

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Regular Music Courses

At Sai Wan Ho, Hong Kong

The courses concentrate on contemporary pop/jazz music teaching and aim to cultivate students to become singers, instrumental musicians, composers and songwriters, Music producers, sound engineers, music teachers, music managers, and so on. Students will truly possess the professional skill for working in any kind of modern pop and indie music industry.

> Piano and Keys Performance

> Vocal Performance

> Music Composing and Producing

> Contemporary Music Theory

> Music Exam Courses

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Coming Workshop: Contemporary Music Arranging & Producing

At Sai Wan Ho and Fortress Hill, Hong Kong

This course is about composing, arranging, and programming production skill of contemporary music, from JAZZ, SOUL, FUNK,  R&B, to URBAN, HIP-HOP, and more Groove Fusion Music. We will explain the advanced CHORDS, MODES, and RHYTHM, use them to arrange, and play different instruments (samples) in music programming sessions. Come and get your own songs with our guidance.

> Six 3-hour group courses + 4 hours of practical tutorials at each stage


Coming Workshop: Jazz Theory and Improvisation Skills

At Sai Wan Ho and Fortress Hill, Hong Kong

Jazz is not only a musical style but also a way of thinking about playing music. The biggest feature of jazz is "improvisation". Most of the smooth performance or singing you hear from jazz musicians is actually on the spot under a specific musical framework, which requires performers to accumulate a large amount of musical vocabulary daily, and set up their own "music language library" in order to make a polished impromptu “speech”!

> Six 3-hour group courses + 4 hours of practical tutorials at each stage

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