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Notes and rhythms existed before the birth of mankind, the creation of God's wisdom, and I just used them by the abilities He gave me.

Sole Divinity the 3rd Anniversary Live_Cover.jpg

Sole Divinity

The 3rd Anniversary Live

Jon Shen, Jazove Mixtape
10 Apr 2023 / Live Album (26min 08sec)

01  See You Again
02  Snow Moon

03  Boat

04  Regenerate

Orbit JX3 Federation_Cover.jpg

The JX3 Federation

Jon Shen, Orbit JX3
06 Aug 2022 / Album (41min 45sec)

01  How Many Parsecs
02  Will I Drift

03  To Find That

04  Perfect Civilization

Sole Divinity

Jon Shen
28 Sep 2019 / Album (52min 46sec)

01  50℃ (Intro)

02  風花 Elegant Vanguard

03  雪月 Snow Moon

04  Boat

05  Regenerate

06  Gift (You Are The Reason Of All Existence)

07  指尖 Fingertip

08  再一次見祢 See You Again

09  Let You Know

10  Way To The Truth (with Jazove Mixtape)

Sole Divinity_Digital Cover.png

Pear Flower

Jon Shen
10 Jun 2015 / Single

01  夢醒梨花 Pear Flower

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